close up of a black and white garage sale sign in front of items set out in a yard for sale

The annual city-wide garage sale day is near!  Get signed up for May 6th now by clicking the link to register now or visit the Garage Sales page for more options.  


This event is free to sign up with the option to purchase signs and additional days. Anyone hosting a sale that signs up by Wednesday, May 3rd will have their address included in the online map, with physical copies available for pick up at City Hall. You may complete the application on our website or complete an application in person.  

This year, the City of Choctaw Development Services is creating a City-Wide Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt. Anyone can participate for fun, however when submitting contest pictures, the participant will need to present an active utility bill with the City of Choctaw. The Scavenger Hunt list is available on the website as well as physical copies available for pick up at City Hall.

To play, items do not need to be purchased at the garage sales, but you do need to take pictures of the participant and the item(s). We ask that you do not capture pictures of anyone’s home address nor capture photos of other residents, and to verify with the host of the sale if you may take photos of their items.

You can then email the pictures to The first and second participants to submit a completed checklist will be declared Winner and Runner Up by Wednesday May 12th. The winners will receive a gift card from a local business in the City of Choctaw, as well as the opportunity to be posted on the City’s Facebook page and a feature in the Choctaw Times. For more information, please call 405-390-2999.

Happy Hunting!