Burning Permits

While there are no fees for obtaining a burn permit, you can be fined $500 (or more) for burning without an authorized permit. Permits for outdoor burning are required in the City of Choctaw. Permits are available by contacting the Fire Department at 405-390-8300.

*Always use caution when planning to burn. You are responsible for the fire you start.


The City of Choctaw only allows open burning of natural vegetation. No trash or debris.

Burning is allowed from 8:00am to Sunset. All fires must be out before sunset.

Wind Speed must be between 5mph and 12mph. No permits if greater then 13mph or less then 4mph.

Burn pile must be: (Ordinance 8-709)

  • 5'x5'x5' or smaller

  • At least 50' away from trees, overhanging trees and/or structures

  • At least 150' away from structures owned by someone else

  • At least 100' from power lines

Recreational Burn Pit: (Ordinance 8-707)

  • No permit required

  • 3'x3'x2' or smaller

  • Must be at least 25' from structures and surrounded by rock, brick or concrete

  • Approved portable containers can be 15' from structure

  • Only natural vegetation-no trash or debris

  • No burning during a burn ban or Ozone Alert Day

Bon Fire: (Ordinance 8-708)

  • Requires written permission

  • Must be supervised by 2 adults (19 years old or more) at all times

  • Can not be started prior to 2 hours before the event

  • No larger then 10'x10'x10'

  • Not for debris disposal

No Burning: (Ordinance 8-706.5)

  • During a burn ban

  • Ozone Alert Days

  • If burn creates a nuisance

  • If burn effects visibility of roadway, railroad or airfield

  • If relative humidity is below 25%

  • Heat index is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Atmosphere ceiling below 1,000 feet

  • During any periods that Choctaw Fire Department determines burning could cause a smoke or fire hazard


Burn Permits can be obtained by calling the Fire Department at 405-390-8300, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, including weekends. The main office is closed on weekends and holidays, however, burn permits can still be obtained by calling the Fire Department. Permission is granted on a daily basis, in accordance with the current weather and safety conditions.


All commercial burn permits for clearing property for development must follow guidelines set forth by DEQ. An incinerator fan and curtain must be utilized. Call the Fire Department at 405-390-8300 for more information.

Burning Guidelines

Our guidelines are in place for your protection and the safety of other citizens, they include:

  • The wind must be below 12 miles per hour. We have a weather station at two of our Fire Stations to monitor the wind and humidity.

  • Permits are issued on a daily basis.

  • You must have a way to control your fire such as a water hose or bulldozer.

  • Your fire must be completely out by sundown. Make sure and water down the area thoroughly when you are finished.

  • The fire has to be attended at all times. Do not leave your fire for any reason.

  • No burning shall be conducted which creates a traffic hazard.

  • Permits are only issued for leaves, twigs, brush, grass, etc. 

  • Permits will not be issued for paper, cardboard, household trash, treated lumber or other structures

  • Don’t burn close to structures.

  • Don’t make a burn pile larger than you can control.

  • Call 911 if you get into trouble while burning.