Ten Acre Lake Park

Ten Acre Lake Park, a simple yet inviting spot to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, was acquired by the City of Choctaw in the 1960s. The focal point of the area is a lake boasting a one-mile shoreline, surrounded by green landscapes and wooded area. It's a place where both dedicated anglers and nature enthusiasts can partake in a range of outdoor activities. We're delighted to be affiliated with the "Close to Home Fishing" program, a collaboration with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, ensuring that fishing is conveniently accessible to our local community.


Fishing Lake: Ten Acre Lake stands as a beloved destination for anglers of all generations. Our waters are teeming with hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish, promising exceptional fishing experiences.

Annual Fishing Derby: Our park is celebrated for its annual fishing derby, an event that brings young anglers together for a fun and friendly competition, allowing them to showcase their skills and love for the sport. Fishing Derby

Walking Trails: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the park by exploring our well-maintained walking trails.

New Trail Addition: Thanks to a grant through the Oklahoma Department of Tourism, a new trail has been added, enriching your walking and hiking experience. Plus, our paved trail is ADA accessible, ensuring that everyone can explore the beauty of the park's natural surroundings.

Family-Friendly Amenities Convenient Access: Ten Acre Lake Park is conveniently connected to the Bouse Sports Complex, making it an ideal destination for families with diverse interests.

Shoreline and Picnic Facilities: The park offers a 1.00-mile shoreline for leisurely walks and features picnic tables and a pavilion, perfect for outdoor gatherings and picnics.

Kayaks and Canoes: Exciting news! Kayaks and canoes are now allowed on the lake, offering a new dimension to your outdoor adventure.

Ten-Acre Lake Park is where memories are made, where families come together, and where anglers find their perfect catch. We invite you to experience the tranquility and recreational opportunities that our park offers. Whether you seek the thrill of fishing, the serenity of nature, or simply a leisurely stroll, Ten Acre Lake Park is your haven in Choctaw.

"Close To Home" Fishing Program Fishing Regulations: "Close to Home" waters have specific fishing regulations. These include limits on the number of rods and hooks, as well as catch limits for specific species like panfish, rainbow trout, and channel catfish. Netting is not allowed in these waters. For all other species, refer to Statewide Daily and Size Limits. Come and experience the natural beauty, urban convenience, and family-friendly amenities at Ten Acre Lake Park. Whether you're an angler looking for a great catch, a nature lover, or a family seeking outdoor adventure, this park has something for everyone. Visit us today and create lasting memories in this scenic urban escape! Close to Home Webpage

Hours of Operation

Ten-Acre lake Park is open from sunrise to sunset.


Address: 15600 NE 10th St, Choctaw, OK 73020.

Phone: (405) 390-8198

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