Planning Division


The Planning Division manages the City's land use ordinances, policies, and procedures regulating all development within the City Limits of Choctaw. The Planning Division coordinates development with other city departments and provides staff support to Economic Development. Further, the Planning Division provides staff assistance to City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, and strategic planning committees. 

The division responds to public inquiries and reviews building permits to ensure compliance of federal and state laws as well as local ordinances. Planning also processes all property activity and complaints, performs field analysis, and makes recommendations.

Technical Advisor

This department acts as technical staff advisor to the Choctaw Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustments. The Planner may advise these boards on decisions involving zoning changes, variances, subdivision applications, conditional use permits, etc. Visit the Planning Division forms page to download various forms and submit to the Permits Department for processing.


Choctaw 1963


Alexandra Baker


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