Emergency Notification System


The City of Choctaw operates a community contact system, Blackboard Connect, that alerts citizens of emergency situations such as fires and dangerous weather conditions, as well as Public Works issues, such as water outages and street closures due to repairs.

Alerts are sent to all phone numbers on file in the public phone record database located within Choctaw City limits, and citizens can register additional phone numbers and set up text and email notifications, as well as access past notifications and opt out of future alert contacts by creating an account at the online portal.


Alerts may be issued in the following instances:

  • Blizzard Warnings

  • Evacuation Alerts

  • Fire Emergency

  • Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

  • Street Closures

  • Tornado Warnings

  • Water Outages and/or Boiling Alerts

  • Winter Weather Warnings

  • Other Emergency or Urgent Situations as determined by the Police Chief, Fire Chief, or City Manager


If you have any questions you can contact City Hall at 405-390-5110 or email the City's Blackboard Connect Administrator.


If you do not want to set up your own portal account, you can fill out the Sign Up form and we will add you to the system. Please be sure to include your address so you will receive notifications specific to your area. If you wish to add additional numbers, such as work numbers, family cell numbers, etc, please include the full phone number as well as voice / text preference in the comment section.

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Weather Alerts

Please be aware that weather alerts are automated through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and during the hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. only Tornado and Fire alerts will be issued, all other weather alerts are withheld during this time to minimize sleep disruptions for the Citizens of Choctaw. If you wish to receive all weather alerts 24 hours a day, we recommend you visit the National Weather Service and subscribe to one of the services listed on NOAA's website.