Choctaw Needs You

We live in a great community! When disasters strike or families are in need, our citizens always respond. What makes our community strong is citizen input and participation.  
As we continue to grow we are also striving to retain our small town feel, and it will become increasingly important to hear what you, the citizens, want. We want to know what you want in the future, and what things need to be addressed immediately, along with cooperation in finding ways to finance and provide necessary resources to accomplish street repairs, improvements to water and sewer systems, parks, and the addition of walking trails and other amenities that our citizens deserve.


We have numerous boards and commissions that provide valuable input to the City Council. Each City Council member can appoint citizens from their respective ward to these boards or commissions. Currently, we are looking for people who want to help in the life of our city. You can participate in any number of ways depending on your interest.


Consider the Public Recreation Advisory Board if you are interested in activities within the city such as:

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Parades

  • Parks

  • Other Community Events


If you are interested in the appearance of the city, we have the Community Appearance Board.


If you are interested in long-term planning, we have the Planning Commission.


These are just a few of the many boards and commissions that are an important part of our City Government, and no matter your interest, you are urged to participate. Please feel free to complete a Board Application (PDF) and return it to us at City Hall.