Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce

The Choctaw Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit voluntary organization, which unites the efforts of business and professional people to improve the economy and to build a better community. Members invest their time and money to accomplish what no one person can do alone. To best understand the Chamber, you must first understand what it is not.

The Chamber is not a government agency, a branch of City Hall, nor a state or federally supported organization, rather, we are an organization here to help make your dreams a reality in Choctaw!

Regardless of your business or profession, the Chamber’s role is to advance the economic, industrial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Choctaw area.

We also encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses, support activities we believe will be beneficial to the area, oppose those which might be detrimental, and in general, promote the welfare of area citizens by following policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.  

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2437 Main St
PO Box 1000
Choctaw, OK 73020

Phone: (405) 390-3303
Fax: (405) 390-3330

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