Animal Control


Animal Control Services office is now located at the Choctaw Police Department, 13240 NE 23rd St Choctaw, OK 73020.

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) is responsible for animal surrenders, reports of animals lost, running loose, or mistreated animals, and also handles all reported animals on roadsides. 

A Closer Look...

Our Animal Control officer is responsible for enforcing regulations and ordinances related to domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. We strive to promote responsible pet ownership and maintain a harmonious environment for both residents and their furry companions.

If you encounter any issues or concerns regarding domestic animals, including stray or lost pets, aggressive behavior, or excessive noise, our Animal Control officer is here to assist you. Our officer is a trained professional and can provide guidance and support in addressing these situations.

In the event that you have lost or found a pet, our Animal Control Division contracts with a local rescue where stray animals are temporarily housed. To claim a lost pet, there is a $250 fee to cover the cost of care and administration. We encourage pet owners to ensure their animals are properly licensed and microchipped to facilitate a swift reunion in case of separation.

We also urge all residents to act responsibly by spaying or neutering their pets, properly confining them within their property, and keeping them up to date on vaccinations. These measures contribute to the overall well-being of our beloved pets and help prevent the occurrence of unwanted litters and the spread of disease.

Please note that for wildlife-related concerns, such as wild animals or nuisance wildlife, we recommend contacting the Oklahoma Wildlife Department. They have the expertise and resources to handle wildlife-related matters and ensure the safety of both humans and wildlife.

For any questions, concerns, or to report a domestic animal-related issue, please contact our Animal Control Division at 405-769-3821. We are here to assist you and promote a safe and compassionate environment for both humans and animals in our community.

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Contact Us

Animal Control Officer:

Daley Wilson

Phone: 405-658-7801

Physical Address
13240 NE 23rd St
Choctaw, OK 73020

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 567
Choctaw, OK 73020

Fax: 405-769-4755

Emergency: 405-769-3821 outside of business hours