Town Hall Meetings For Road Resurfacing In Choctaw

Welcome to the official webpage for the series of town hall meetings in the city of Choctaw. We are excited to provide a platform for community input on the condition of our roads and to discuss possible solutions for their resurfacing.

The first meeting was successfully held on July 13th, and we were thrilled to see a great turnout of concerned citizens. We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the discussions.

During the first meeting, we covered several important topics related to road resurfacing in Choctaw. These topics included:

2018 Street Study: A review of the comprehensive study conducted in 2018, which assessed the condition of the city's roads and identified areas in need of resurfacing.

General Obligation Bonds: An explanation of general obligation bonds and their potential role in financing road resurfacing efforts.

Property Tax Breakdown: An examination of how property taxes are allocated.

Grants: Exploring the possibility of obtaining grants.

Constraints: Identifying any limitations or challenges faced in implementing road resurfacing projects and discussing ways to overcome them.

Possible Resolutions: Brainstorming and considering potential solutions for financing and executing road resurfacing efforts effectively.

Open Discussion: Allowing participants to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas related to road conditions and potential resurfacing strategies.

 Upcoming Meetings

We are pleased to announce that there will be additional town hall meetings scheduled in the coming weeks. The dates and times for these meetings will be posted on this webpage and announced through local channels, so please check back regularly for updates.

 Stay Engaged!

Your input and active participation are crucial to finding the best way forward in our road resurfacing efforts. We encourage you to attend the upcoming town hall meetings, voice your opinions, and share your insights with fellow community members.

Together, we can make a difference and work towards improving the condition of our roads in Choctaw.

 For any further questions or inquiries, please call City Hall at 405-390-8198

Photos- July 13, 2023