Construction Board of Appeals

The Construction Board of Appeals meets as needed based on appeal applications and hears appeals of orders, decisions, and interpretations of the Building Official.  

 Board Membership and Qualifications:  Seven members consisting of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes, specifically as follows:  

  • One fire protection contractor or professional with extensive fire prevention experience

  • One registered design professional with structural engineering experience

  • Two building contractors or members from the building industry

  • One licensed electrical contractor, or a licensed electrical journeyman

  • One licensed mechanical contractor, or a licensed mechanical journeyman

  • One licensed plumbing contractor, or a licensed plumbing journeyman

Terms of Office:  three years

A board member shall not act in a case in which he/she has a personal or financial interest.  

For more information see Ordinance 866-2021, Pt 5 which created the Construction Board of Appeals.