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Barrel Springs Splash Pad


  1. Covered Picnic Tables
  2. Parking
  3. Porta-potties
  4. Splash Pad

Barrel Springs Park is one of two splash pads offer­ing the children of Choctaw some relief from the heat! Located in the heart of Choctaw’s Old Town dis­trict at the cor­ner of Main Street and Gilbert, it’s a great place to beat the summer heat. With easy access to the Choctaw Pub­lic Library, this is a great way to spend an afternoon battling summer boredom and keeping cool.

Covered Picnic Tables

Parents can rest at the covered picnic tables while children play in the various fountains that spray from the ground. The picnic tables are first-come, first-serve, no reservations necessary.

Splash Pad

If the water isn’t spraying when you arrive, look for the post with the activation pad near the edge of the water zone and press to activate the water. The water is on a timer and will shut off to prevent waste, however you can continue to reactive it as long as you need.

Restroom Facilities

There is no electricity at Barrel Springs Park, but a port-a-potty is provided for your convenience.

Rules & Considerations

  • Grab your suits and towels and don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Glass is prohibited at the park. 
  • The Library asks that you not wear wet suits and clothes into their building, so please plan your visit accordingly.
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