How did the City come up with price of construction if final designs and drawings haven’t been completed?

The standard roadway preliminary design methods employed by ODOT and other State & Federal Agencies were used by our engineer to determine cost.  This method entails conducting enough preliminary design to prepare detailed cost estimates to accurately determine the cost of construction.  
The method consists of measuring the existing surface square footage by accurate aerial photos to determine the amount of removal and how much of the existing surface was to be processed.  A “typical” section was then computed for each roadway section which yielded the quantities of materials needed (tons of asphalt, yards of concrete, etc.).  
At that point, ODOT standard pricing was applied to those material quantities to obtain cost.  Any drainage improvements or widening required were also estimated on a cost per foot basis using ODOT pricing.  Any “special construction” was priced individually and added to specific sections (such as schools crossings, drainage structures, and signalization).  
Again, this is the standard practice for construction cost estimating used by State & Federal Agencies to determine cost of construction prior to funding.  Preliminary drawings are not produced until after funding is approved.  

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