2018 Street Assessment

Staff completed a field inspection of all City streets in the fall and early winter of 2017.  At the end of 2018 a final scoring sheet was generated that joined important street information to score each street.  The information used to score each street includes:  

  • street classification (Arterial, Collector, Local)
  • traffic counts
  • school zones
  • truck routes
  • snow routes
  • and the 2017 field street pavement evaluations.  

The three (3) street classifications (Arterial, Collector, Local) are an assignment determined by the existing street system of the Comprehensive Master Plan, Subdivision Regulations, and by use.  They are generally defined in the following way:  

  • Arterial - convey longer trips and relatively heavy volumes of traffic
  • Collector - designed to distribute traffic from local access streets and funnel it to highways and arterial streets
  • Local - streets to provide access to adjacent properties

The scoring sheet is not listed in order of importance, simply in alpha/numerical order.  The higher the number within the "Score" column, the higher the impact to motorists.  This in no way implies which street(s) will be repaired first or last.