Report a Problem

Please call our office at 405-390-1121 if you should have a problem with any of the following items:

  • Water leaks, leak test
  • Manholes, storm drains, sanitary sewer drains, sewer back-ups, or dirty water
  • Water pressure tests, fire hydrant problems
  • Water and sewer line locations
  • Public street repairs, curb repairs, culvert repairs
  • Mowing maintenance of public creeks and ditches
  • Maintenance of Municipal Buildings and property
  • Park maintenance
  • Repair and maintenance of all lift stations
  • Repair and maintenance of all City-owned vehicles
  • Repair and maintenance of all City-owned mechanical equipment
  • Continual operation of wastewater plant facilities, including lab tests and required reports
  • General maintenance and repair of all City-owned buildings
  • Continual operation of 8 municipal water wells

Request Work Order

You may also request a work order for Water, Sewer, Street, Parks, Cemetery, or other Public Works issues, or for response to other City issues. For emergency issues, please call City Hall at 405-390-8198 to report your issue.